Ariana K. Goswick, LMHC   

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“My EMDR sessions with Ariana were unexpected and powerful... I had no idea what would come up, exactly how the process would go, but trusting Ariana came easy and before I knew it I was working through years of pain, grief, anger and feeling under constant threat. In just two sessions we had reprocessed a traumatic childhood memory which I now look on as an empowering moment that can help me in difficult times ahead. It was a fascinating, healing, and rewarding experience, and I only wish I had done it sooner.” – D.B.

“Ariana is a gifted, skilled, and intelligent clinician. She is adept in multiple therapeutic approaches, including EMDR, and caters to the unique needs of each patient. She provides a safe, warm, and non-judgmental environment, and has consistently demonstrated genuine care for patients. I have worked with Ariana for 1.5 years and I cannot think of a more genuine or talented therapist. I would highly recommend Ariana!” – F.E.

“Ariana first treated my teen son, whom I noticed positive results in right away. He would use methods of coping in conversation with me, and I found it impressive that she was able to relate to his age group in regards to knowing what he’s listening to, as well as situations he’s facing – I recall a very thoughtful conversation she had with me regarding his comfort and confidence in her and his response when I approached him with the question from a parental standpoint was: “She’s a great therapist” (he’d refused to attend with his previous therapist!). Ultimately, I became a patient with her as well and I can only say that she’s so valuable to the progress I’ve made mentally and emotionally over the past six months. I feel like she is coaching my life into a more positive experience, creating a life my family and I deserve – we’ve used a variety of methods, and I highly recommend EMDR, which I feel is strengthening me over and over as we approach various events/traumas. Ariana’s concern, care, attention to detail, skill and yet, professionalism is certainly evident, and that slice of humanity is priceless.” – L.L.
"I saw Ariana every week for a year and a half. She was nothing short of fantastic. She listens, asks insightful and useful questions, and perhaps most importantly, is ready with practical suggestions. I found this to be most helpful; I’d done many years of strictly 'talk' therapy before, where I felt I was just treading water, never really making much progress. But Ariana’s attitude is geared much more towards what can be done NOW to begin enacting change. For me, it was yoga and meditation, reading specific literature, and EMDR (ask her – it’s incredible). Ariana is warm, generous, funny, and easy to talk to. Working with her has made a tremendous difference in my life. I cannot recommend her enough." – E.M.

"I have been working with Ariana for about two years, and her care and treatment have been extremely helpful. I was struggling with mild depression, some anxiety, and a variety of family and marital issues. Ariana is an excellent listener, and always made me feel accepted and heard, and not judged. She is very open-minded. Her guidance and treatment recommendations have helped me get to a much healthier space, develop new habits, and I think I've learned several new strategies and skills for dealing with challenges at home and in my life. My quality of life is much better now." – P.W.

“Ariana is the best therapist I have ever met. My daughter didn't want to get therapy and resisted a lot but once she met and started seeing Ariana, she basically flourished. Ariana is down to earth and understanding and she was able to connect to my daughter in such a great level and help her thrive and be the best person she can be. In less than one year, my daughter who has general anxiety and agoraphobia, is going out, trying to make friends, being excited about life and her future, and I really believe Ariana is such an important piece in my daughter's well-being.” – A.B.

“Ariana is an incredible therapist who is both thoughtful and insightful. She always made me feel comfortable and truly guided me in doing true introspection. Her professionalism and interpersonal skills make her an ideal therapist for people who want to truly do the work and find inner peace.“ – G.H.